Development of a Field of Comprehensive Bibliographical
Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective
Literary Legacies of Kirishitan Culture:
Missionary Writings in the Vernacular

After the Meiji Government lifted the ban on Christianity in 1873, many missionaries arrived in Japan. Among them about 300 missionaries authored nearly 3,000 books in the Japanese language because of their sense of mission during the last one and half centuries. There have been very few foreigners who managed to write and publish in the Japanese language as intensively as the missionaries did. This research aims to discover the influence on modern Japan made by these books between 1860s and 2000s.

April 2018 Project Leader: GUO Nanyan/ Scholar of Japanese literature


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In this project, various research such as holding and presenting study groups and symposiums both in and outside the country, researching materials in national organizations, writing by research members, publication of publications, database creation, from the time of the establishment until today I have been doing activities. On the research results page, these activities and results are made public.
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